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Traveko has long been the leading company in Sweden when it comes to creating sponsorship and exhibitor concepts on behalf of Swedish associations, and then marketing and selling those to potential companies and organizations. We are also responsible for the entire organization and follow-up of the event, whether it is a digital or physical exhibition.

Apart from working as a PEO, Professional Exhibition Organizer, we assist our clients with all services they may need ahead of their meeting. Below you see examples of services we can offer, either separately or as a package.
Traveko works with both large assignments or smaller consultancy projects, where our expertise especially within sponsorship and exhibitions generates much needed revenue resulting in associations and other clients being able to develop their meetings.

Examples of projects carried out by Traveko:

  • Kirurgveckan - Swedish Surgeons’ Week, 40-50 sponsors and exhibitors
  • Röntgenveckan – Swedish X-Ray Week, 50-60 sponsors and exhibitors
  • Ortopediveckan – Orthopedics’ Week, 40-50 sponsors and exhibitors
  • SSAS, the Swedish Shoulder and Elbow Society annual event – overall service provider

Kirurgveckan and SSAS were completely digital in 2021.

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